Life Balance

Being balanced and in harmony with ourselves is a good thing and supports our well-being. At the moment I am on holiday and take long walks on the beach. A few days ago I came across this beautiful setting of stones on top of each other that reminded me of being in balance. Just look at it! […]


Sleep is essential to our well-being. How often do you get a good nights sleep? Do you have any issues with regard to sleep? Our modern lifestyle often means that we get too little sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep it affects our mood and our health in general  –  we are not in balance […]


Flowers spread beauty and colour to the world we live in. Home decor I use flowers for home decor. A simple bouquet of tulips can do wonders. Here is an example of tulips in a light purple colour placed on my dining table. They have a very uplifting impact on my dining room. Another example is taken from […]