Sleep is essential to our well-being.

How often do you get a good nights sleep? Do you have any issues with regard to sleep?

Our modern lifestyle often means that we get too little sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep it affects our mood and our health in general  –  we are not in balance with ourselves.

If you have a problem with regard to sleep, maybe you find it difficult to fall asleep or you wake up several times during the night and cannot sleep again, you could probably gain from thinking the following ideas through.

Because your surroundings are so important and affect your well-being I would start looking at my surroundings in the bedroom (or the room where you sleep) to see if I could improve things and create a better atmosphere for sleep.

Generally the bedroom should be a tidy place with not too many things. So the advice is to tidy up and keep the area clean – no laundry in there. Open the windows and get some fresh air and a suitable temperature inside the room.

Don’t put work-related things in your bedroom. Things related to your work belong in a place where you are meant to work. Everything in your surroundings affects you even when you sleep, and work is not a good combination with sleep.

Mirrors, screens and televisions are not well placed in the bedroom either. Those are items related to activity and will do you no good with regard to sleep. If you absolutely must have them in your bedroom I suggest that you cover them up during the night. Use a cloth, a curtain, a scarf, a blanket or anything like it to cover the item.

Also it is advisable to put your mobil phone on silent or flight mode, so that you don’t get disturbed from that source during the night.

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your entire home. You should feel good and comfortable when you lie down in your bed. Place your bed against a solid wall and offer a free view of the entrance as well as of the windows when you are in your bed (‘command of the room’). A headboard is nice for your head and gives you an even better feeling of protection the wall.

Make sure that you don’t have any sharp corners pointing at you when you are in your bed.

Check your sleeping direction. Not all directions are good e.g. the direction South is known as a very active energy not supportive for sleep. Preferable you should also check that your sleeping direction fits your personal profile and is a recommendable direction for you (requires knowledge about astrology).

Keep the colours in your bedroom bright and balanced e.g. blue has a cooling and calming effect. The lightning should be gentle as well.

Pictures and ornaments should be appropriate and supportive. Don’t let your space be disturbed by pictures of parents, children, battle or anything like that.

Slowly start to optimise the area where you sleep and notice how it affects your sleep and your life in a positive way.

If you had a stressful day with worries and lots of thoughts, I recommend that you concentrate on more relaxing activities before bedtime.

Turn down the light. Turn off the television. Listen to soft music, go for a walk preferable a place that is peaceful, be quite and slow down e.g. close your eyes and listen to your breathe (in and out) for 5-15 minutes. Let go of your thoughts, don’t take part in them, let them drift away like clouds in the sky.

Prepare for the night not too late in the evening. Our bodies like a rhythm like the rhythm of nature. If you stay up too long you are likely to miss the best opportunity to fall asleep in a pleasant way and sleep well through out the night.

Make it a habit to take care of yourself every day and spend as much time with your partner and your children (if any) as you can.

Affirmation before sleep:
I am in harmony with nature and at peace.

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