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Just outside many front doors this evening, where I live, I see carved pumpkins with lit candles inside. This is a tradition that we share with many countries around the world. From ancient times we celebrate the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter…

Entering the inside of my home I find almost the same atmosphere this evening and I like to share with you how you can look at your home with new eyes and walk through your space with the intent of improving whatever needs to be improved.

Welcoming area
Think about how you enter into your home.

It should be easy to walk to your front door and to open the door. You should feel good once you get inside.

A welcoming area with something nice to look at such as beautiful flowers, a nice carpet on the floor or some artwork that you appreciate.

Not too much furniture, clothes, shoes, bags etc. and nothing that blocks your way. There should be plenty of light so that you can see clearly.

Notice the smell and the atmosphere around you. Does it feel good, then everything is fine. If not, you should think about changing your entrance to create a welcoming area. Your home mirrors you and your life.

Are there obstacles? A frontdoor that is difficult to open, or a blocked space that is difficult to pass, you should remove the items blocking your way. Make it a clutter free area with lovely things to look at.

The art of placement
Make sure that you have a meandering path through your entire home. This will support the flow of energy in your life.

The next step is the art of placement that is fundamental for supportive surroundings to nourish you.
Choose a room in your home or a special area where you would like to start. Do you feel that your furniture is in the right place and does the area spark joy?

Have fun and care about yourself!

All Saints’ Day
Tomorrow is All Saints’ Day when we remember the dead.
I am going to lit a candle and send my good thoughts to my loved ones that passed away and care about my family.

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