Remember yourself

Whether you have a busy life or a more quite life it is essential for your well-being to remember yourself and your own needs.

Do something to please yourself today.

Also look at the beauty around you and give thanks for whatever surrounds you in your life.

It may be your family, your friends or other human beings, green plants and flowers, your home and your belongings. The list goes on.

Write down what matters the most in your life. What makes you feel good and happy. And do more of the things that you truly appreciate.
Spend time with people you enjoy to be with or to speak and chat with even at a distance.

The Summer Holidays have just started in Denmark. School is over.
It is time to find a good book to read or other uplifting activities.

Happy moments
Happy moments are when you make it happen and let your mind be in that mood. Be kind whenever possible.

Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do is in harmony….

I wish you a wonderful and refreshing Summertime with lots of happy moments.

Remember yourself.

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