Life Balance

Being balanced and in harmony with ourselves is a good thing and supports our well-being.

At the moment I am on holiday and take long walks on the beach. A few days ago I came across this beautiful setting of stones on top of each other that reminded me of being in balance.

Just look at it!

Isn’t that interesting to watch?

There is only a thin spot connected with the big stone below, and look what happens on the top where the smaller stones are placed not in the middle but at the side ..

Balance and Lifestyle
Certainly balance is something more than walking on a line.

When it comes to lifestyle you have several tools at hand.

An easy one to remember and to use wherever you are is a breathing exercise.
That is right. You can actually balance yourself using your breath.

Try to simply notice your breath – how you breathe in and out (ebb and flow).
Notice the place of peace in your heart. Don’t do anything. Just be.
You will feel much better.

Another exercise is to find the balance in your body when standing on one foot.
This can be done in sophisticated ways for example with different yoga positions. Or it can be done in a easy way.

Start with  standing on your right foot and lift the other leg. After a little while change to your left foot and lift the right leg. You can repeat the exercise a couple of times. As you get more trained you can also prolong the time standing on one foot. Have fun!

Taking time and space for ourselves gives us an opportunity to recuperate from life’s challenges.

It is a good thing to rest, reflect and strengthen yourself. The rewards are renewed energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Summer holidays are not only joyful, they are also very good days to bring us (back) into balance. Especially when we live busy lives with lots to do we need time to do no nothing. Just be…

Also our ‘reality’ is not made up of outside influences, but it actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset. Remember that no conditions are good or bad. They just are.

Most people are not out of balance, they are into distraction, Brendon Burchard.

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