With our studies into the subject of Interior design came a whole new understanding of the effect on our health and well being from our environment, how we place our furniture, artwork etc.

Of great importance is how we use the different colours, the light and green plants.

To all of this you may add the effect on us from the different energies in the eight directions (north, south, east, west, northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast), the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, tree), astrology and more.

Read more below about Interior design and how you can create flow in life.

Think about how you enter into your home or working space.

It should be easy to walk to your front door and to open the door. You should feel good once you get inside.

A welcoming area with something nice to look at such as beautiful flowers, a nice carpet on the floor or some artwork that you appreciate.

Not too much furniture, clothes, shoes, bags etc. and nothing that blocks your way. There should be plenty of light so that you can see clearly.

Notice the smell and the atmosphere around you. Does it feel good, then everything is fine. If not, you should think about changing your entrance to create a welcoming area. Your home mirrors you and your life.

Are there obstacles? A frontdoor that is difficult to open, or a blocked space that is difficult to pass, you should remove the items blocking your way. Make it a clutter free area with lovely things to look at.

The next step is the art of placement that is fundamental for healthy and supportive surroundings to nourish you. Make sure that you have a meandering path through your entire home. This will support the flow of energy in your life.