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When did you last redecorate or change something in your home? and how did that feel?

Don’t underestimate the influence from your surroundings.

Even small changes can make a huge difference to your life and happiness.

E.g. bringing in secondhand items to your home brings in the energy from where the item came from (maybe several different places). If the energy related to the item is sad or unhappy this will affect your home and life. Items you have inherited are also secondhand items.

On the other hand adding something new to your home that spreads good vibrations and a nice mood will enhance your wellbeing.

A solution with secondhand items could be to cleanse them in a space clearing ceremony and thereby bring harmony and balance into your home. But that is another story. You can learn about space clearing in my book Your Universe – Holistic Life and Health.

It is a fact that your home mirrors you. Take advantage of this knowing.

When you choose to shine light on your own happiness and a joyful way of living this can be done by making your home a happy place to live.

This week we refurnished our entrance and hallway making it a more welcoming area. It feels very good and uplifting. I just felt something had to change and the idea came to me that I should start with our entrance and hallway at home.

Actually, improving a few things from time to time as life goes by adjusting our way ahead is recommendable.

Don’t make it difficult for yourself.

Think of what you really like to do and what brings you joy and do more of that. Personally, I start my day practising yoga because this brings me inner peace and a balanced way to start of the new day.

Even though we have had lots of rain and cloudy, grey weather during February we have also seen the sun. The light is coming back. This is noticeable now and tomorrow I hope to step outside to do some gardening. The birds are singing more and more early in the morning reminding us that the days get longer and longer.

Looking at the calendar we step into the spring tomorrow.


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