Happy Heart

When did you last have a good laugh?

When we laugh our bodies relax and any pain is relieved. Laughing reduces anxiety and stress. Laughing makes people more comfortable. We feel united.

As a Danish pianist Victor Borge once said: ‘A smile is the shortest distance between two people’

Another way of making my heart happy is my morning walks in nature.

On a November morning walk last week I took the attached photo. It was a cold morning with a temperature around 1 degrees celcius. The grass had a thin layer of white hoarfrost. Very beautiful sight that only lasts until the sun gets more power during the day and melts the hoarfrost away.

Speaking about nature I just watched a new 2020 film: ‘A Life on our Planet’.
This film is worthwhile spending a little time on – actually a British documentary film narrated by David Attenborough at the age of 93 years. The film acts as a wittness statement, through which David Attenborough shares first-hand experiences and his concern for the current state of the planet due to humanity impact on nature. He shows Nature’s own way to recover after the disaster at Tjernobyl. Also he brings ideas and hopes for the future, especially with regard to the importance of biodiversity.
I highly recommend this film.

Do you remember to acknowledge who you truly are?

Acknowledge your spiritual dimensions and focus on making your heart a Happy Heart. Whatever it takes.
Remember you are an evolved spirit in a human body.

I wish you a wonderful December and a Happy Heart.

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