Cycles of time – your new phase

Now is a good time to consider where you are in the nine-year cycle. This time of the year we shift into a new yearly phase.

Have you prepared yourself for the new phase starting now? The idea is to use the energy that is available to your advantage.

Yearly phase
I am entering phase six – a calm and unifying energy, a time of harvest, income and joy.

Phase six is a time when things move forward with a sense of control and progression. This is a good time to complete projects. Generally it is a time of harvest. You may begin to reap what you have sown. Prosperity occurs. It will be easy to display your talents and it is advisable to maintain purpose. The season is autumn to winter.

If you need to look up your phase for 2021 you will find the description in ‘Your Universe‘ p 44-47.

New ‘cures’
Another important aspect right now is to place new ‘cures’ in your home to avoid any potential loss of energy.

This year it is relevant to place ‘cures’ in the Northern area concerning your Life’s journey and career and in the area in Southeast concerning your money, prosperity and good fortune.

The ‘cures’ are placed to help avoid or diminish any trouble with regard to your Life’s journey and career as well as to your good fortune and wealth in 2021.

In North
Remember that the area in North is connected with the element water.  You may choose to place an item made of glass like a glass-bowl, as glass represents water. Something blue or black (water) can be used as well. Perhaps white or grey (metal) if you prefer these colours as metal supports water. Clay pots and stones representing metal will be good also.

In Southeast
Your wind chime (if you use a wind chime) should be removed from the area in East where it has been placed during the last year and be hung in the area Southeast of your home.

This is adviceable because the five star ki is moving to Southeast now.

Your intention
The advice is to do some extra cleaning in the areas and then place the ‘cures’ with intention.

Set your mind to what you would like to experience in these areas of your life.

When you place the ‘cures’ think about how you want to protect your space and nourish your life:

  • in North think of supporting your career and Life’s journey
  • in Southeast think of supporting your income, wealth and good fortune

Where intention goes energy flows!

Health and well-being

Even if you have your ‘cures’ in place you may not always be totally protected.

I had my ‘cures’ in place during the last phase but even so I experienced losses and at some point also a difficult communication within my close family. No ‘cures’ in my home could or should stop these things from happening.

I do believe that the ‘cures’ and my awareness help me to move on and go with the flow in a more balanced way. Life goes on in a new way.

By the way this year it is late spring in your Health and well-being area.

Home renovations
Finally I’d like to bring to your attention how to survive home renovations.

Our kitchen as I said earlier is being renovated. It is a long process with many details involved, not only placing new kitchen cabinets.

Home renovations can really wear you down. it’s not just the noise and dust and intrution of having builders in the space of your home. It affects you energetically too.

What many people don’t realise is that we rest part of our consciousness on the physical structure of the home we live in. The process of having it dismantled and changed can be very disorientating and destabilising. Even if you do the work yourself, it can be remarkable unsettling.

This is what Karen Kingstone writes in one of her blogs with regard to space clearing.

And guess what. This is exactly how I experience our kitchen renovation. My patience is limited and right  now I really look forward to completing the project.

On the other hand it has certainly made my life easier when I cook and work in the kitchen. Soon when the last details are done our lives will be taken to another level in the renovated area. So in the long run it is a good thing.

With regard to home renovations the general advice is to create as much of a environment for yourself in the space as you can and choose builders you like as people.

Further more it is a good idea to space clear the area of your home about to be renovated before, during and after the renovation. You then integrate the renovated areas and reset the entire space at a higher level afterwards.

Affirmation for new beginnings:
I wellcome and nurture the new in my Life.

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