Chinese New Year

Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year starts around the first new moon after winter solstice which was Friday the 24 th of January, 2020 in Copenhagen.

According to the twelve animals cycle of the Chinese Astrology the rat is the sign of this year. Some of the characteristics of the rat is wit, alertness, flexibility and vitality. The rat is also the first sign in the cycle of the twelve animals and for this reason, 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals.

It is a good idea to start the new Chinese year by clearing your clutter. Both physically tidying up in your belongings and in your thoughts perhaps memories from the past disturbing you and your way ahead. It could be experiences that need forgiveness and acceptance.

If you are interested in the ni star ki astrology it is also time to think of the shift into a new phase.

In your home this means that you should remove your wind chime from the southwest to the east, because the five star moves to area 3 (your past, family, elders). Potentially you may loose energy in this area and should try to diminish any loss of energy.

Also the northwest area in your home needs attention, because number 6 is moving to area 4, a direction opposite it’s own ‘house’ in the northwest. In order to strengthen area 6 (helpful people) you may place clay pots or stones and use earthlike colours such as brown and sand.

As for your own phase a big yearly shift is taking place. So prepare yourself for a new yearly phase with new opportunities (and challenges). You can plan ahead and think about what you can expect from the year to come.

If your first and principal ki number is 1 you will shift from phase 7 to phase 8, a time of stillness. The season is winter to spring.
A person with the principal number 2 will shift to phase 9, a time of being in the spotlight, being noticed for good or bad actions. This is your greatest opportunity for rapid development and fame. New friends may replace old ones.
And so on for all the other numbers…

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