In my last newsletter I promised to get back to what I have done in my home to support me in this time of change.

Basically – no victimhood  
Basically I try to tune in and follow the flow into the change that is coming my way.

I have done that many times, also in times of very servere losses and changes in my life; with regard to survival so to speak.

I have a feeling and a voice deep down that tells me to take responsibility and create my own life. I don’t see my self as a ‘victim’, not even in situations where that would normally be found reasonable in the common view on things. Instead I interact with the circumstances just as they are without judging anything.

A little like saying ‘no conditions are good or bad, they just are’.

Life’s journey – Health and wellbeing
Interestingly enough right before the coranasituation was getting serious in Denmark I felt urged to make some changes in my home, especially in the area with regard to life’s journey. That area is mostly situated in my entrance/ welcome area.

My husbond luckily agreed to change things.
We removed two carpets from the floor and found new ones that had different sizes, colours and ornaments. Also an ornament/ sculpture was removed from the floor, furniture was replaced and a new picture was hung on one of the walls; actually that turned out to be a wall in the tai chi area  – the center of our home – that reflects health and well-being.
By the way this year it is springtime in our Health and wellbeing area.

Success and acknowledgement
Next step was just before Easter where we decided to get rid of an old woodburning stove in our living room.

After removing the woodburning stove we refurnished in that part of the living room.

This change turned out to be opening up for the area in our home with regard to success and acknowledgement allowing in more light and space for new opportunities.

Space Clearing
The last thing I have done in my home recently is Space Clearing.

In connection with the Space Clearing ceremony I write down new goals for my life and open my heart and mind to get new ideas and inspiration. I set my intention for now and into the future for as long as is appropriate.

This reminds me of a quote, that I would like to share.

Words of wisdom
‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’, Abraham Lincoln.

This quote inspires me as a lesson to live by.

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