Life Balance

Being balanced and in harmony with ourselves is a good thing and supports our well-being.

At the moment I am on holiday and take long walks on the beach. A few days ago I came across this beautiful setting of stones on top of each other that reminded me of being in balance.

Just look at it!

Isn’t that interesting to watch?

There is only a thin spot connected with the big stone below, and look what happens on the top where the smaller stones are placed not in the middle but at the side ..

Balance and Lifestyle
Certainly balance is something more than walking on a line.

When it comes to lifestyle you have several tools at hand.

An easy one to remember and to use wherever you are is a breathing exercise.
That is right. You can actually balance yourself using your breath.

Try to simply notice your breath – how you breathe in and out (ebb and flow).
Notice the place of peace in your heart. Don’t do anything. Just be.
You will feel much better.

Another exercise is to find the balance in your body when standing on one foot.
This can be done in sophisticated ways for example with different yoga positions. Or it can be done in a easy way.

Start with  standing on your right foot and lift the other leg. After a little while change to your left foot and lift the right leg. You can repeat the exercise a couple of times. As you get more trained you can also prolong the time standing on one foot. Have fun!

Taking time and space for ourselves gives us an opportunity to recuperate from life’s challenges.

It is a good thing to rest, reflect and strengthen yourself. The rewards are renewed energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

Summer holidays are not only joyful, they are also very good days to bring us (back) into balance. Especially when we live busy lives with lots to do we need time to do no nothing. Just be…

Also our ‘reality’ is not made up of outside influences, but it actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset. Remember that no conditions are good or bad. They just are.

Most people are not out of balance, they are into distraction, Brendon Burchard.


Sleep is essential to our well-being.

How often do you get a good nights sleep? Do you have any issues with regard to sleep?

Our modern lifestyle often means that we get too little sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep it affects our mood and our health in general  –  we are not in balance with ourselves.

If you have a problem with regard to sleep, maybe you find it difficult to fall asleep or you wake up several times during the night and cannot sleep again, you could probably gain from thinking the following ideas through.

Because your surroundings are so important and affect your well-being I would start looking at my surroundings in the bedroom (or the room where you sleep) to see if I could improve things and create a better atmosphere for sleep.

Generally the bedroom should be a tidy place with not too many things. So the advice is to tidy up and keep the area clean – no laundry in there. Open the windows and get some fresh air and a suitable temperature inside the room.

Don’t put work-related things in your bedroom. Things related to your work belong in a place where you are meant to work. Everything in your surroundings affects you even when you sleep, and work is not a good combination with sleep.

Mirrors, screens and televisions are not well placed in the bedroom either. Those are items related to activity and will do you no good with regard to sleep. If you absolutely must have them in your bedroom I suggest that you cover them up during the night. Use a cloth, a curtain, a scarf, a blanket or anything like it to cover the item.

Also it is advisable to put your mobil phone on silent or flight mode, so that you don’t get disturbed from that source during the night.

Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your entire home. You should feel good and comfortable when you lie down in your bed. Place your bed against a solid wall and offer a free view of the entrance as well as of the windows when you are in your bed (‘command of the room’). A headboard is nice for your head and gives you an even better feeling of protection the wall.

Make sure that you don’t have any sharp corners pointing at you when you are in your bed.

Check your sleeping direction. Not all directions are good e.g. the direction South is known as a very active energy not supportive for sleep. Preferable you should also check that your sleeping direction fits your personal profile and is a recommendable direction for you (requires knowledge about astrology).

Keep the colours in your bedroom bright and balanced e.g. blue has a cooling and calming effect. The lightning should be gentle as well.

Pictures and ornaments should be appropriate and supportive. Don’t let your space be disturbed by pictures of parents, children, battle or anything like that.

Slowly start to optimise the area where you sleep and notice how it affects your sleep and your life in a positive way.

If you had a stressful day with worries and lots of thoughts, I recommend that you concentrate on more relaxing activities before bedtime.

Turn down the light. Turn off the television. Listen to soft music, go for a walk preferable a place that is peaceful, be quite and slow down e.g. close your eyes and listen to your breathe (in and out) for 5-15 minutes. Let go of your thoughts, don’t take part in them, let them drift away like clouds in the sky.

Prepare for the night not too late in the evening. Our bodies like a rhythm like the rhythm of nature. If you stay up too long you are likely to miss the best opportunity to fall asleep in a pleasant way and sleep well through out the night.

Make it a habit to take care of yourself every day and spend as much time with your partner and your children (if any) as you can.

Affirmation before sleep:
I am in harmony with nature and at peace.


Flowers spread beauty and colour to the world we live in.

Home decor
I use flowers for home decor.

A simple bouquet of tulips can do wonders. Here is an example of tulips in a light purple colour placed on my dining table.
They have a very uplifting impact on my dining room.

Another example is taken from my garden room at dinner time.

I set the table with a white table cloth and I add these lovely roses in an orange colour for decor.

By the way the colour orange is known to stimulate the appetite. Though that was not my intention when I placed the flowers 🙂

I also use flowers for my outdoor living space.

On my terrace facing south I have added colour and beauty with this nice hydrangea placed in a pot for plants.

The hydrangea requires a lot of water and daily care. When the plant gets the right treatment it lasts for several month.

I think that taking time out for the daily care of your flowering plants is worthwhile the effort and I enjoy the sight of all the flowers glowing every day.

Space clearing
For space clearing purposes I use different types of flowers.

You can use exactly the kind of flowers you prefer and choose colours you feel like.

Sometimes when I have plants flowering in my garden I cut some fresh flowers for my space clearing decorations. The ‘flower offerings’ are part of the space clearing ceremony.

Here are eight decorations made during the preparation phase of the space clearing ceremony. The flowers are freshly cut rhododendron from my garden.

After the ceremony you can still enjoy the flower decorations.

The Flower of Chinese Medicine

Did you know that Feng Shui sometimes is called ‘the flower’ of Chinese Medicine?

It feels like flowers for the soul when your home has been decorated according to the principles of Feng Shui.

Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.‘ – Jim Carrey

Look at your feet

Where are your feet taking you? How often do you think about your feet and where you place them?

Our paths in Life are different.
Are you fully aware of your own path?
Are you on track at the moment or are you perhaps taking a route that is not truthful to who you are and where you are meant to be?

It is easy to get distracted and confused by all the noise and influences coming from outside you. Other people and their opinions may sometimes be helpful but most of the time your own inner voice is the best voice you can listen to.

Our feet need attention. 
It is good for your feet with a nice treatment once in a while.

Comfortable shoes are helpful and changing between different types of shoes depending on the situation is good too.

Your feet are important because you need them to walk around and to step forward in lIfe.
Happy and healthy feet are a blessing that can last a lifetime if you take good care of them.

Sometimes I pay attention to the floor as well.
The floor can be made of wood – wood is a soft material and lovely to walk on with your bare feet especially when the floor is warm.

Floor tiles on the other hand can be vey beautiful to look at with different colours, shapes, sizes and perhaps ornaments. Tiles are hard material and typically cold to walk on with your bare feet.

For your home and decor you may choose different types of materials and colours for your floor depending on where in your home you are situated.

The kitchen for instance typically needs a floor that is soft to stand on and practical to clean.
Carpets may add softness to a room. With carpets you can create an atmosphere.

Have you thought about your own feet and how much they mean to you?
What is the condition of your feet? Your constitution is dependent on your feet.

Try an reflexologist and feel how your body is connected with your feet through nerve pathways ending in your feet.

He who follows in the footsteps of others never comes first.

Make your own way and make your choices carefully. Their sum will be your life…

As Mother Teresa often shared: ‘We can do no great things, only small things with great love.’

Cycles of time – your new phase

Now is a good time to consider where you are in the nine-year cycle. This time of the year we shift into a new yearly phase.

Have you prepared yourself for the new phase starting now? The idea is to use the energy that is available to your advantage.

Yearly phase
I am entering phase six – a calm and unifying energy, a time of harvest, income and joy.

Phase six is a time when things move forward with a sense of control and progression. This is a good time to complete projects. Generally it is a time of harvest. You may begin to reap what you have sown. Prosperity occurs. It will be easy to display your talents and it is advisable to maintain purpose. The season is autumn to winter.

If you need to look up your phase for 2021 you will find the description in ‘Your Universe‘ p 44-47.

New ‘cures’
Another important aspect right now is to place new ‘cures’ in your home to avoid any potential loss of energy.

This year it is relevant to place ‘cures’ in the Northern area concerning your Life’s journey and career and in the area in Southeast concerning your money, prosperity and good fortune.

The ‘cures’ are placed to help avoid or diminish any trouble with regard to your Life’s journey and career as well as to your good fortune and wealth in 2021.

In North
Remember that the area in North is connected with the element water.  You may choose to place an item made of glass like a glass-bowl, as glass represents water. Something blue or black (water) can be used as well. Perhaps white or grey (metal) if you prefer these colours as metal supports water. Clay pots and stones representing metal will be good also.

In Southeast
Your wind chime (if you use a wind chime) should be removed from the area in East where it has been placed during the last year and be hung in the area Southeast of your home.

This is adviceable because the five star ki is moving to Southeast now.

Your intention
The advice is to do some extra cleaning in the areas and then place the ‘cures’ with intention.

Set your mind to what you would like to experience in these areas of your life.

When you place the ‘cures’ think about how you want to protect your space and nourish your life:

  • in North think of supporting your career and Life’s journey
  • in Southeast think of supporting your income, wealth and good fortune

Where intention goes energy flows!

Health and well-being

Even if you have your ‘cures’ in place you may not always be totally protected.

I had my ‘cures’ in place during the last phase but even so I experienced losses and at some point also a difficult communication within my close family. No ‘cures’ in my home could or should stop these things from happening.

I do believe that the ‘cures’ and my awareness help me to move on and go with the flow in a more balanced way. Life goes on in a new way.

By the way this year it is late spring in your Health and well-being area.

Home renovations
Finally I’d like to bring to your attention how to survive home renovations.

Our kitchen as I said earlier is being renovated. It is a long process with many details involved, not only placing new kitchen cabinets.

Home renovations can really wear you down. it’s not just the noise and dust and intrution of having builders in the space of your home. It affects you energetically too.

What many people don’t realise is that we rest part of our consciousness on the physical structure of the home we live in. The process of having it dismantled and changed can be very disorientating and destabilising. Even if you do the work yourself, it can be remarkable unsettling.

This is what Karen Kingstone writes in one of her blogs with regard to space clearing.

And guess what. This is exactly how I experience our kitchen renovation. My patience is limited and right  now I really look forward to completing the project.

On the other hand it has certainly made my life easier when I cook and work in the kitchen. Soon when the last details are done our lives will be taken to another level in the renovated area. So in the long run it is a good thing.

With regard to home renovations the general advice is to create as much of a environment for yourself in the space as you can and choose builders you like as people.

Further more it is a good idea to space clear the area of your home about to be renovated before, during and after the renovation. You then integrate the renovated areas and reset the entire space at a higher level afterwards.

Affirmation for new beginnings:
I wellcome and nurture the new in my Life.

Happy New Year 2021

I hope you had a great start to the New Year 2021.

Personally I welcomed the new year from my home due to the special circumstances around us. All restaurants are closed and our plans about celebrations on the last day and night of 2020 were changed. Recommendations here in DK are to keep at a distance to other people and that is what we did…

The good news are that a fresh, new year lies ahead of us – 365 days ready to be lived and experienced day by day in the best possible way.

By the way have you considered what you would like to do and be in 2021?
I think of the next few months as more isolated than the months coming after that. Hopefully in the springtime we can begin to consider new opportunities to see friends, eat out, visit a cafe, go to the cinemas, travel etc…

As I see it, we have learned a lot from the past periode with isolation. It has come to the awareness and attention of many people that they can find values in their homes and close family that they may not have had time to think about earlier on in their (busy) lives.

I am ready to try something new and I look forward to see where that takes me in the new year.

At home we are having a new Kitchen that is almost finished by now. Only a few details are awaiting, such as delivery of two granite countertops for hot pots and pans, and an artistic painting of a wall. I don’t think our kitchen had been a priority in 2020 unless the periode of isolation had occured.

When it comes to travelling I hope we can see more to our friends and begin to visit other countries and destinations again. Our plans in 2020 were all changed and flights etc cancelled from March and the rest of the year. I was lucky to visit London twice in January and February 2020 but the rest of 2020 I stayed in DK.

Also a workshop that I had planned to conduct in Copenhagen by the end of March unfortunately had to be cancelled.

I find the use of digital tools amazing and I like working from my home, but when it comes to relationships to other people I definitely prefer the physical contact.

At the moment I am not sure what will be my next step with regard to imparting knowledge and insights. I guess time will show and inspiration will come… workshops, talks and new releases are possible.

This time of year we all look back on what happened last year and we look forward into a new year with hope and optimism.

My wish is that 2021 may bring joy, light and love to you and your path.

‘Happiness often sneaks through a door you didn’t know you left open’… John Barrymore.

Happy Heart

When did you last have a good laugh?

When we laugh our bodies relax and any pain is relieved. Laughing reduces anxiety and stress. Laughing makes people more comfortable. We feel united.

As a Danish pianist Victor Borge once said: ‘A smile is the shortest distance between two people’

Another way of making my heart happy is my morning walks in nature.

On a November morning walk last week I took the attached photo. It was a cold morning with a temperature around 1 degrees celcius. The grass had a thin layer of white hoarfrost. Very beautiful sight that only lasts until the sun gets more power during the day and melts the hoarfrost away.

Speaking about nature I just watched a new 2020 film: ‘A Life on our Planet’.
This film is worthwhile spending a little time on – actually a British documentary film narrated by David Attenborough at the age of 93 years. The film acts as a wittness statement, through which David Attenborough shares first-hand experiences and his concern for the current state of the planet due to humanity impact on nature. He shows Nature’s own way to recover after the disaster at Tjernobyl. Also he brings ideas and hopes for the future, especially with regard to the importance of biodiversity.
I highly recommend this film.

Do you remember to acknowledge who you truly are?

Acknowledge your spiritual dimensions and focus on making your heart a Happy Heart. Whatever it takes.
Remember you are an evolved spirit in a human body.

I wish you a wonderful December and a Happy Heart.

Sharing and Caring

Just outside many front doors this evening, where I live, I see carved pumpkins with lit candles inside. This is a tradition that we share with many countries around the world. From ancient times we celebrate the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter…

Entering the inside of my home I find almost the same atmosphere this evening and I like to share with you how you can look at your home with new eyes and walk through your space with the intent of improving whatever needs to be improved.

Welcoming area
Think about how you enter into your home.

It should be easy to walk to your front door and to open the door. You should feel good once you get inside.

A welcoming area with something nice to look at such as beautiful flowers, a nice carpet on the floor or some artwork that you appreciate.

Not too much furniture, clothes, shoes, bags etc. and nothing that blocks your way. There should be plenty of light so that you can see clearly.

Notice the smell and the atmosphere around you. Does it feel good, then everything is fine. If not, you should think about changing your entrance to create a welcoming area. Your home mirrors you and your life.

Are there obstacles? A frontdoor that is difficult to open, or a blocked space that is difficult to pass, you should remove the items blocking your way. Make it a clutter free area with lovely things to look at.

The art of placement
Make sure that you have a meandering path through your entire home. This will support the flow of energy in your life.

The next step is the art of placement that is fundamental for supportive surroundings to nourish you.
Choose a room in your home or a special area where you would like to start. Do you feel that your furniture is in the right place and does the area spark joy?

Have fun and care about yourself!

All Saints’ Day
Tomorrow is All Saints’ Day when we remember the dead.
I am going to lit a candle and send my good thoughts to my loved ones that passed away and care about my family.


Do you use your skills and talents for the common good?

Co-operation for the highest good promotes harmony and togetherness and draws the best from everyone.

To become a spreader of goodwill and harmony make it your aim that everyone has a sense of satisfaction from work done.

Bring people together and explore how you can mutually assist each other. Sharing will always ensure that you benefit in your turn.

I have had plenty of trouble and complicated things on my plate lately. On top of this disharmony in close relationships has occured. This shows in my physical body and health issues arise.

One way of dealing with that is to think of how to co-operate in the best way and how to get something better out of the situation than was before.

This works for me and may work for you too whenever needed.

Inner peace and to restore my feeling of joy is my aim.

Actually I consider peace and joy alike. When I live with peace in my heart I feel joy.

Co-operation with everyone supports my endeavours and bring me peace and joy.

I wish you peace and joy in your life.


Do you look for the delight and the wonder of every day and rejoice in it?

When we celebrate the passing events and transitions of life it is a way of giving thanks.

Laughter and lightness bond us happily with others and attract good energy to all of us.

Just recently I had to say goodbye to one of my very close and loved ones. I believe that everything happens at a perfect time. So did this.

For the first time in my life I experienced a person passing away. I was present and everything happened in a dignified and peaceful way.

Afterwards we stayed in the room by the bed and had a beautiful ceremony to give thanks and honour the transition of her spirit into a new dimension.

Our four bodies
I am thinking about human beings as creatures with four bodies in one complete being.

We all have a physical body, but our physical body is not who we are.
We have thoughts, but our thoughts are not who we are.
We have feelings, but we are not our feelings.
I believe that our spirit that resides in our physical body is who we truly are.

It has been a great summer and now the summertime is ending together with a life that used to be a part of my close family.

Honour all things large or small in your life.