Book Reception, Copenhagen in May 2019

During Copenhagen Art Week 23.05 – 26.05.2019 I was having a reception to celebrate that my new book Your Universe has been published.

Because of the Art Week in Copenhagen it was decided to create the reception as an art exhibition with all the illustrations from Your Universe hanging on the walls.
Also several quotes from the book were selected and presented as artwork. In other words the Book Reception invited guests to look at “the words of wisdom” now hanging on the walls from an artistic point of view. Actually the quotes fitted very well with the artistic illustrations and were used to discuss different subjects. An interesting experience.

To give you an impression take a look at a few pictures from the reception below:


I am glad that a friend of mine suggested a Book Reception be held to celebrate.
Sometimes we forget to give ourselves due praise for our efforts. Of course it is hard work to write a book and a succes when the work is finished.

Publishing Your Universe and sharing my knowledge is a pleasure.

What I did not expect was that more steps are waiting to let the world know about “Magna Inspirante”. There is definitely more on its way. Soon I will be sharing a Radio Show that was recorded last week.

Until later, remember to celebrate your own achievements!

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