Look at your feet

Where are your feet taking you? How often do you think about your feet and where you place them? Our paths in Life are different. Are you fully aware of your own path? Are you on track at the moment or are you perhaps taking a route that is not truthful to who you are […]

Cycles of time – your new phase

Now is a good time to consider where you are in the nine-year cycle. This time of the year we shift into a new yearly phase. Have you prepared yourself for the new phase starting now? The idea is to use the energy that is available to your advantage. Yearly phase I am entering phase six – a calm and […]

Happy New Year 2021

I hope you had a great start to the New Year 2021. Personally I welcomed the new year from my home due to the special circumstances around us. All restaurants are closed and our plans about celebrations on the last day and night of 2020 were changed. Recommendations here in DK are to keep at […]

Happy Heart

When did you last have a good laugh? When we laugh our bodies relax and any pain is relieved. Laughing reduces anxiety and stress. Laughing makes people more comfortable. We feel united. As a Danish pianist Victor Borge once said: ‘A smile is the shortest distance between two people’ Another way of making my heart happy is my morning walks in […]

Sharing and Caring

Just outside many front doors this evening, where I live, I see carved pumpkins with lit candles inside. This is a tradition that we share with many countries around the world. From ancient times we celebrate the end of Summer and the beginning of Winter… Entering the inside of my home I find almost the same atmosphere this evening and I […]