In 2010 Lita’s first e-book and audiobook was published in Danish. Because of it’s popularity in Denmark, the e-book was translated and made available in English 2015, together with this website.

Here is what Lita says about the story behind her new book Your Universe:

I have a deep interest in the laws of nature, so Your Universe is an add on to US law, EU law and other national laws that I practise in my daily life. Actually I am thinking of the universal laws that are here for each of us, laws that are constantly working whether we are aware of them or not.

I am married and a mother of four children. I want well-being for all of us. That is why I took time out to study and concentrate on my passion starting with interior design and the effect of our surroundings on our health and well-being. I was  further educated in the UK on more subjects and in the USA.

What I found during my studies was extremely interesting.

I have gathered all my information from around the world, both East and West, plus my own discoveries during the last thirty years into an extraordinary selection named Magna Inspirante, which is knowledge and experience with regard to life and well-being. 

With my new book Your Universe I hope to motivate others to look at themselves and their lives from a holistic perspective, be inspired by the many practical tips and make improvements in their own lives.

I consider awareness as a key to understanding of oneself, one’s surroundings, and other people. By reading Your Universe you are already on your way. You have much more influence over your life than you probably are aware of.

You are the center of the story in Your Universe, and there is a wide range of value that readers may glean from this book. It is a framework and also a reference book in the sense that you may want to look at Your Universe again and again when you like to check-up on something in your life.”

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5 tips

Do you want to improve your life, your health and your well-being you may start using my 5 tips introduced below:

1. Use of light.
Without light there is no life. The sun and the light are very important for our well-being. So depending on the time of the day and what you are doing you have different needs. For instance in your work space, you should have plenty of light so you can concentrate and focus on your job and stay awake. On the other hand, before bedtime your body would like you to turn the light down, so you can relax more and get ready for a good nights rest.

2. Use of colour.
Different colours have different meanings. For instance, did you know that colours can be healing. The colour green is known as a very healing colour. If you take a walk in the woods, it has the same healing effect. The colour red is connected with passion and love. Some people think that it is a very warm colour, others may think of blood or war. Red signals some activity, so you may want to be very careful with your use of this colour. Only use a touch of red, especially in your bedroom if that’s where you want to have a good nights rest.

3. Find the best view.
So for instance in your office if you are fortunate to have a good view out of the window that’s wonderful, but if you don’t, you can have a nice view around where you sit. If you work at your desk you can place nice pictures or artwork something that you like and appreciate.

4. Clear your clutter.
It can be life changing. If the idea of clearing clutter is overwhelming, you might start with one drawer, or if you have more energy we suggest that you start with your bedroom. That’s a very good place to start and clear your clutter.

5. Use green plants and fresh flowers.
They can enhance the energy around you and give you a very nice atmosphere.

So if you like to read more about the 5 tips. It is all here in an e-book named ’5 tips to a better health and more well-being’. It’s available on this website, at in a Kindle Edition also.