I see beauty in all things. Look for it and you will find it.

On my walk this morning I saw the beauty of two swans together on the lake. They are making preparations for their new descendants to come this spring.

What you see
It is a matter of how you focus on things, other people and yourself.
Do you see the beauty in yourself?
And do you look for beauty in other people?

It is there….

When you are pregnant and think about prams. You see prams everywhere.

What you think
Now, don’t think of a red car parked on the pavement outside your home.
What did you think about?

Our minds cannot understand the word “not”.

So what you see and what you think depend on your focus.

Do yourself a favour and use your focus on your inner world.

Compare your mind with a garden.
Do some weeding in your garden every day. Remove the negative things.
Fertilize the soil in your garden with positive things.
Create a beautiful garden.

This exercise will make you feel good.

Peace in time of change
Staying centered and feeling at peace (good) with yourself and your surroundings help a lot when change is coming our way.

And change is indeed what’s in the air worldwide at the moment.

In my next newsletter I will get back to things I have done in my home to support me being in the present moment and following the time of change.

For now do the exercise, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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