Well being is something we feel and sense – in our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

It is a state of being in balance and harmony. When you feel peaceful and comfortable without worrying.

In other words well being is not necessarily characterized by being very fit and healthy.

We all have busy lives and much to do. Taking time and space for ourselves gives us an opportunity to recuperate from life’s challenges.

It is a good thing to rest, reflect and strengthen yourself. The rewards are renewed energy, enthusiasm and inspiration

You can balance yourself using your breath. Try to simply notice your breath – how you breathe in and out (ebb and flow). Notice the place of peace in your heart. Don’t do anything. Just be. You will feel much better.

Also our ‘reality’ is not made up of outside influences, but it actually consists of our thoughts, beliefs and mindset. Understanding your physical body and the connection to your feelings, thoughts and your spiritual side (who you are) is helpful.

We are the controllers of our reality and our brains are so powerful.

No conditions are good or bad. They just are.

Your relationships for instance play an important role in your overall well being. We are surrounded by different people with different types of energy all day long – at home and at work.

When your realtionship is harmonious you feel nourished and supported. On the other hand a disharmonious relationship can drag you down, influence your mood and drain your energy.

You can use a simple method from the teachings of the five elements to make an analysis and create harmony by balancing the energies.

By the way, it is so important that you start with self-knowledge.

You can use the simple remedies mentioned in our e-book ’Mirrorwork to get the most out of your time & life’ to evaluate your life as it is right now.

Find the area that you want to prioritise and work with. Tao or Dao known as the center of the Bagua mirrors your overall well being.