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Remember yourself

Whether you have a busy life or a more quite life it is essential for your well-being to remember yourself and your own needs. Do something to please yourself today. Also look at the beauty around you and give thanks for whatever surrounds you in your life. It may be your family, your friends or other […]


Time to relaxation is important. I think we all agree on that. Though for some of us it can be hard to find the time to relax during the day and eventually when we have the time maybe it is difficult to actually relax… The month of May has been an extremely busy time for me. Somehow things are […]


In my last newsletter I promised to get back to what I have done in my home to support me in this time of change. Basically – no victimhood   Basically I try to tune in and follow the flow into the change that is coming my way. I have done that many times, also in times […]


I see beauty in all things. Look for it and you will find it. On my walk this morning I saw the beauty of two swans together on the lake. They are making preparations for their new descendants to come this spring. What you see It is a matter of how you focus on things, other […]

Happy Home Happy Life

When did you last redecorate or change something in your home? and how did that feel? Don’t underestimate the influence from your surroundings. Even small changes can make a huge difference to your life and happiness. E.g. bringing in secondhand items to your home brings in the energy from where the item came from (maybe several […]

Chinese New Year

Happy New Year! The Chinese New Year starts around the first new moon after winter solstice which was Friday the 24 th of January, 2020 in Copenhagen. According to the twelve animals cycle of the Chinese Astrology the rat is the sign of this year. Some of the characteristics of the rat is wit, alertness, flexibility and […]

Workshop, Copenhagen in March 2020

Holistic Lifestyle. What is that all about? Our body, mind, spirit connection and nourishing surroundings… This workshop will uncover different aspects with regard to a Holistic Lifestyle focusing on our Life, Health and Well-being. Maybe this is for you? The workshop takes place in Copenhagen and will be conducted in Danish. You can read more […]

Q & A, Video about Your Universe

In the Video I answer some questions about Your Universe. You get to know me better and learn what inspired me to write. I have some useful messages for you about Holistic Life and Health, a Philosophy of Life that seems to fit all the way around. Actually, Your Universe is about all of us as human beings. […]

Book Reception, Copenhagen in May 2019

During Copenhagen Art Week 23.05 – 26.05.2019 I was having a reception to celebrate that my new book Your Universe has been published. Because of the Art Week in Copenhagen it was decided to create the reception as an art exhibition with all the illustrations from Your Universe hanging on the walls. Also several quotes from the book were […]