Architecture is both the process and the product of planning, designing and constructing buildings or any other structures like a house or a garden.

Very often modern buildings and architecture are harmful to our well being.

Softness, light and beauty used in architecture can make a huge difference with regard to how it feels to live or work in the building.

‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us’, Winston Churchill.

Considering the metaphysical side of architecture is highly important with regard to our well being.

Read more about architecture, house and garden below.

House and garden can make a perfect balance (of yin and yang). Imagine that the house represents yang with all it’s activity and the garden on the other hand represents yin for relaxation and contemplation.

A meandering path to your frontdoor is ideal to slow down the speed and prepare  for entering into your home and another atmosphere.

How does your house look? Is it beautiful? If not you may want to consider how you can improve the outside of your house.
The windows are like eyes. They should be clean so that you can see clearly through the windows.

The frontdoor is important as it serves as the entrance to your home. The entrance sets the first impression.

The garden should be with soft lines, meandering paths and perhaps a pond with a fountain. The sound of water in a fountain is soothing and very recommendable. Also some flowers are a must. Flowers add  both beauty and colours to your garden and makes it complete.

Close to Copenhagen airport in Denmark you find Fields, a big Scandinavian shopping-center. The shopping-center and the area around it are an example of how the metaphysical side of architecture has not been thoroughly considered and practiced.

On the other hand you find Louisiana Museum situated in Humlebæk Denmark as an example of a beautiful and well-balanced architecture. The museum fits gracefully and intimately into the landscape.

It feels good to be inside the museum as a visitor. In some areas that connect the different buildings it feels as though you are on a ‘covered stroll’ through the park. The basic conception of linking the architecture with the natural surroundings has succeeded.

Viewing a garden compared with viewing a parking lot makes a big difference to the mind and body. Those who are looking at the garden recieve good energy from the environment.